New Couple Alert: Jill Scott And Actor Lamman Rucker!!!

: There’s a new celebrity couple. According to one of’s faithful Jill Scott and actor Lamman Rucker were coupled up at BET’s Honor Awards.

Here’s what our reader had to say:

I just attended the 2008 Bet Honors in Washington, DC and the event was great! I have many stories to tell but I ran in immediately after the after party and had to let Mediatakeout know that Jill Scott was very cozy with her Why Did I Get Married costar Lamman Rucker.

Also, I just saw Jill listed as #1 on his MySpace page. The two were seated together and Mr. Rucker put his hand around Jill’s slimming waist prior to them walking in after Jill’s performance.

Lastly, can someone ask Jill what in the hell was son important that she had to walk to her seat on her cellphone! She truly represented South Philly with that one!

We liked them together in the movie, and we like them even better in real life….