MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: We Told You Guys . . . That Rob Kardashian Got BLAC CHYNA PREGNANT . . . And We Got The FIRST PREGNANCY PICS!!

: Black Chyna and Rob are EXPECTING y’all . . . and this ain’t rumor – it’s FACT. Chyna and her bae Rob are currently in Jamaica – where the two are enjoying sun, fun and non-alcoholic DRINKS AND JUICES.

According to a TOP MTO SOURCE, Chyna has GIVEN UP smoking weed and drinking champagne. And for anyone that KNOWS Chyna, she wouldn’t do ANYTHING SO DRASTIC – especially in JAMAICA – unless something was up.

We’re told that Chyna is holding off on the announcement until she gets out of her third month – which is in just a few weeks.

We can’t WAIT to see all the Kardashians’ faces when they hear about THIS. LOL.