MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: They Say . . . ALLEGEDLY . . . That Rapper Iggy Azaelia PAID TI To Write Her Lyrics . . . And She Paid With HER MOUF!!!!

: Last night at the BET Awards, Nicki Minaj threw EXTREME SHADE at rival Iggy Azaelia – who also performed at the event (with her “mentor” TI). During her acceptance for BEST FEMALE ARTIST – Nicki implied that Iggy does NOT write her rhymes. spoke extensively with our homies over at YOUNG MONEY yesterday – and asked what Nicki was talking about. We were told that the WORD ON THE STREET is that Iggy USED to write her own rhymes, but she’s whack. Last year she hooked up with rapper TI – and asked him to help her out, by writing her rhymes. We’re told that TI agreed, but only AFTER he negotiated to OWN a large percentage of Iggy’s royalties. And we’re also told that TI might have got something EXTRA.

The insider explained, “Everyone keeps acting like TI and Tiny broke up over some ‘break baby’. That’s not true. Tiny was upset because she thought that TI was trading lyrics for DOME from Iggy. That’s not like some jumpoff either, they go on tour together and all that. So if TI is smashing . . . he’s going to be in that for a LONG TIME. Tiny is a rider, but she’s not gonna ride second seat to that WHACK chick.”

Now that Iggy is BLOWING UP . . . and dating Nick Young, we’re told that WHATEVER situation she had with rapper TI . . . is no longer going on. The insider explained, “At the end of the day, TI is about his MONEY and his FAMILY. So he’s now writing solely for CHECKS and RESIDUALS now.”

Welp . . . guess you gotta do what you gotta do to GET PUT ON . . .