MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: There’s A BLACK Girl On The Housewives Of NEW YORK . . . She’s A Real ‘GOAL DIGGER’ . . . And We Got ALL THE TEA On Her!! (Plus See NEKKID PIS Of Her)

: On last week’s episode of The REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK, Aviva Drescher’s father George revealed his new girlfriend “CODY” – a twenty-five year Black girlfriend from Miami. Cody told viewers “I am from Miami. My mother and father are passed. I am twenty-five.” When asked about George she says “He is worth it. . . . I thought he was keeping me as his little Black secret for a while.”

The pair met when the MULTI MILLIONAIRE George stumbled into Cody’s salon. And according to Cody, the two dated for about 2 1/2 years.

And this week, George PROPOSED TO CODY . . . so you know we had to do a LITTLE BIT OF DIGGING into Cody’s past . . . to learn WHAT SHE’S ALL ABOUT.

Well we learned that we REALLY LIKE and RESPECT this girl. Cody is NOT a skripper or an escort and to the best of our knowledge she NEVER WAS. She used to model in Miami and became friends with a lot of the LOCAL SKRIPPERS at K.O.D. – most notably BLACC CHYNA (who is now married to Tyga).

Instead of selling SEX though . . . Cody came up with an idea of selling OVER THE TOP bedazzled nails to her girlfriends – most of whom were SKRIPPERS and video vixens. The business TOOK OFF and she got a stall at the SWAP MEET in Miami.

In her PERSONAL LIFE, Cody was VERY MUCH A GOAL DIGGER . . . she dated mostly OLDER Caucasian men that were willing to help PROVIDE THE BETTER THINGS IN LIFE FOR HER. She even got her ex to “invest” a substantial amount in her business, so that she could move out of the SWAP MEET and into her own BUILDING.

Her nail salon is doing well and she UPGRADED MEN. She’s now engaged to Aviva’s father who we understand is worth about $50M. And from what we understand, Cody has told him NO PRENUP . . . and he’s COOL WITH IT.

This chick is our hero . . .