MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE SHOCK RUMOR: They Say That Rihanna Has A ‘SECRET BABY’ . . . Living In Barbados!!! (And Guess Who Da Daddy . . .ALLEGEDLY)

: just heard the craziest rumor – and we wouldn’t have even given it a SECOND THOUGHT – if it wasn’t coming from a VERY POPULAR CELEBRITY.

According to the celeb – there were rumors back in 2008 when Rihanna was FIRST SIGNED TO DEF JAM- that she was pregnant, ALLEGEDLY. And the father was ALLEGEDLY one of the people from the label who WE ALL KNOW. They say that BEFORE the rumors of the pregnancy, Rihanna was on the BACK BURNER at the label. But Rihanna went back to Barbados for NINE MONTHS . . . . and when she came back to the states – she was THE DEF JAM EXEC’s main project. He made sure to use HIS CELEBRITY to push Rihanna’s career.

Well all that happened 6 years ago, and it could all just be rumors – RIGHT?? Well we just saw photos of a 6 year old boy and Rihanna floating on the internets . . . they looked real close. Oh, and that boy looks EXACTLY like that former DEF JAM EXECUTIVE.

It’s probably all just one big coincidence. Oh and we’re not gonna put up the pic of the boy, cause it’s NOT FAIR TO HIM . . . but if y’all wanted to do a little GOOGLE search … you’ll prolly find it.