MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna DUMPS DRAKE . . . After She Found Out He Was With Some INSTAGRAM HEAUX!!! (We’ve Got Receipts FROM RIH HERSELF Inside)

: broke the news that Drake was caught flying a THICK CHICK out o stay with him – when he’s out of town and Away from Rihanna. You’ll recall that a few weeks ago, when Rihanna left him alone he FLEW AN ETHIOPIAN GIRL out to spend the weekend with him.

And this weekend, told you how Drake flew some INSTAGRAM GROUPIE FROM HOUSTON out to stay with him in Toronto. We have pics of the two together at a basketball game yesterday, below.

Well Rihanna READS MTO like it was her DAILY PAPER (yeah, she RATCHET LIKE THAT lol) . . . and so she is well aware of Drake and his SHENANIGANS. So we hear that she’s officially CALLED IT OFF with Drake.

Tells an insider, “Drake is such a FRAUD. He tells you all kinds of things to make you think he’s so sincere . . . and the next thing you see him on [] with some big booty heaux. . . I can’t believe that [Rihanna] fell for his bullsh*t. She really liked that FOOL.”

And just in case you think our source is MISTAKEN (they’re NOT). Rihanna basically told a fan that she was THROUGH WITH DRAKE herself. The fan posted “Aubrih is risen and [will] never fall” on his Instagram bio . . .. and Rihanna called that statement “lies.”