MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Reality Show Hollywood Exes Is A ‘FRAUD’ . . . Andrea Kelly Got ‘FAKE MARRIED’ . . . And Now ‘FAKE DIVORCED’ . . . Just To Be ON TV!!

: was the FIRST NEWS SOURCE IN THE WORLD to report that Andrea Kelly was getting DIVORCED – after she CLAIMS to have caught her new husband Brian cheating. Well we got THE REAL TEAS . . . from one of Brian’s CLOSE FRIENDS . . . and there’s a WHOLE LOTTA LYING going on behind the scenes at the show HOLLYWOOD EXES.

Now get into these teas… Andrea is basically LYING about everything on the show. She claims that she and her estranged husband were married 2 months ago and now they are “DIVORCED”.

But a close source to the couple wants to spill the REAL tea. You see, Andrea and Brian actually got married after “6 days” of meeting each other in a airport and they have really been married for 14 months (The paperwork says April of 2013)….. she used him for a story line and they got “FAKE MARRIED” for the show, yet they had already been married way before the “VH1 wedding” was filmed!!! (As a matter of fact they were married before the “2ND SEASON” even aired on tv in 2013″

We looked up the REAL marriage license in Cook County, Illinois . . . and it’s true they WERE MARRIED LAST YEAR.

With that being said, our snitch claims that Drea is lying and she is a FRAUD. And that she is trying to capitalize off of not having a interesting story line – and would stoop so low as to CREATING A FAKE MARRIAGE and then a FAKE DIVORCE for her storyline.