MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Waka Flocka HIT THE LOTTERY . . . Got The Daughter Of A BILLIONAIRE Tech Mogul . . . PREGNANT!!!

: Normally when we hear that a rapper got his SIDE CHICK pregnant – we’re like DANG YOU MESSED UP. But in the case of rapper Wacka Flocka . . . we’re more like . . . HITTA YOU MADE IT!! just spoke with an IMPRECCABLE SNITCH who tells us that Wacka got the half-Asian half-white daughter of a founder to a POPULAR INTERNET COMPANY pregnant. We were asked NOT to divulge the girls information, cause its NOT CLEAR she’s keeping the child.

Here’s what our snitch told us, “I go to school with Waka and [high tech founder]’s daughter and Waka was here last Spring performing at our school. Waka let a bunch of folks back to the hotel and she was behaving like a real groupie. Fast forward till now and it’s a mess. She’s pregnant and it’s buzzing like crazy among our friends on Facebook.”

While we can’t say the name – we can tell you that dude is worth A BUNCH OF MONEY – hundreds of MILLIONS and probably BILLIONS!!

Waka, bruh – you need to cal up SHERRI SHEPPARD’s ex and find out how to play THIS PROPERLY. If you maneuver correctly you ain’t NEVER GOTTA WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE!!!