MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Trina Threatens KHLOE KARDASHIAN . . . For Stealing Rapper FRENCH MONTANA!!! (Trina Says NEXT Time I See You . . . It’s YOUR AZZ)

: It’s going DOWWWWNNNNNN!!! EXCLUSIVELY learned that rapper Trina spoke with Khloe Kardashian – her former friend – earlier in the week. And Trina told Khloe . . . THE NEXT TIME I SEE YOU .. . . IT’S YOUR AZZ!!! was the FIRST news source in the world to tell you that Khloe Kardashian was dating French Montana. We just spoke to ne of Trina’s homies, and they explained to us that Trina was DATING French Montana up until a few weeks ago, when he DUMPED HER for Khloe Kardashian.

But here’s the interesting part, Trina is GOOD FRIENDS with Kim and Khloe Kardashian!!! The insider explained, “When Kim found out that Khloe was dating French, she was upset. The insider continued, “Kim Kardashian uried to be the peace maker yesterday & connect Khole & TRINA on the phone line together. Khole started off telling TRINA she had no ideal that her French was dating but Da baddest b*tch was not trying to hear what khole had to say. The insider continued, “TRINA replied to Khole by saying ‘Bitch when I see you I’m gonna f*ck you up. F*ck all this talking ” then Rapper TRINA immediately hung up the phone on khole.”

Place your bets everyone . . . who ya got . . . TRINA OR KHLOE!!!