MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Rapper TI Clashes With Floyd Mayweather’ In Vegas . . . Over TINY . . . And ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!! (Chairs Thrown . . . . People STOMPED . . . And We Got VIDEO)

: just received word that rapper TI and his homies clashed with Floyd “Money” Mayweather in Vegas yesterday. And the resulting CHAOS left TI and one of his homies INJURED.

Before we go any further, we have to say that both TI and Floyd are HOMIES TO THE SITE . . . and they are both ON LEGAL PAPERWORK . . . so we’re not trying to get anyone LOCKED UP over no foolishness. That being said – y’all KNOW HOW WE DO – so we’re dropping NOTHING BUT FACTS here.

Here’s what we know. Both TI and his estranged wife TINY are in Vegas for Memorial weekend, but they didn’t come TOGETHER. Tip with his homies, but Tiny was there with her friend/partner Shekinah – they were hired to be a part of Floyd Maywether’s daughter’s BIRTHDAY EVENT. In preparing for the event, TINY and Shekinah were spending a lot of time with The Champ and his family.

Tiny has been doing her DARNDEST to get under TIP’S SKIN – in an effort to save her marriage – and so she’s been trying to get near Floyd Mayweather. As reported previously, TI suspects that Floyd and Tiny had RELATIONS in the past – so he is particularly SENSITIVE about her hanging around with the champ. Tiny knows how TI feels, but she wanted the attention – so she was has been THIRSTILY hanging around Floyd recently. And she’s been posting on INSTAGRAM about her friendship with Floyd.

Let’s be CLEAR – there has been NO INAPPROPRIATE RELATIONSHIP between Floyd and Tiny. They are NOT romantically involved. Last week, when Floyd last spoke with TI, we’re told he MADE THAT CLEAT TO TI.

But yesterday TI decided to confront Floyd Mayweather, after learning that Tiny was at a Money Team party earlier in the evening. And all HELL BROKE LOOSE. TI had some words for Floyd – and at first the CHAMP ignored him. But after TI’s constant berading in the FAT BURGER PARKING LOT, Floyd finally had enough. The BEST BOXER EVER responded by telling TI to “control his b*tch” – see video here:

TI didn’t like that and his entourage tried to ATTACK Mayweather. But Mayweather’s security stopped anything from happening, and TI and his homies got BEAT DOWN – badly . . . but legally, of course. Here’s the video:

PLEASE NOTE – Neither Floyd Mayweather or TI THREW A SINGLE PUNCH, TI’s homies were the ones fighting and Floyd’s security detail handled the issue. This is 100% FACTS – not rumors.