MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!! Popular Comedian’s House Gets SHOT UP With Automatic GUNFIRE. . . And His Wife Gets MURDERED!!! (Details)

: has some SAD NEWS. Comedian Willie Hawkins, a comedian best known for his role as DOPE FIEND WILLY in Master P’s movie I’m Bout It, suffered a terrible loss. His wife, Barbara Jonson (37) was MURDERED on the streets of Indianapolis in a SENSELESS act of violence.

Here’s what happened. On Monday evening, there was a BAR-B-Q on Willie and Barbara’s block. And while it’s not clear whether Willie attended, Barbara was there.

Then, from out of nowhere a group of goons OPENED FIRE on the crowd with AUTOMATIC RIFLES. The gunmen let off between 25 and 30 shots in a matter of seconds. And when it was all over, Barbara and another man lay on the ground DEAD.

Our condolences to Willie and the entire family.

If any of you have ANY information about this shooting, please contact the Indianapolis Police Department. Or, if you don’t trust the police – send in any tips to us, and we’ll forward them to the police ANONYMOUSLY.

Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit for this EXCLUSIVE report. Failure to do so is PLAGIARISM.

For those who don’t remember Willie, here is some of his work