MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Paperwork LEAKS . . . Suggests That Floyd MONEY Mayweather’s EX-FIANCE . . . ABORTED The Champ’s TWIN BABIES!!!

: just received some word from an ANONYMOUS SOURCE inside the MONEY TEAM CAMP. According to our insider, that the real reason for the break up of Floyd Mayweather & former fiancé Shantel Christine Jackson-Mayweather is that she lied to him about the “miscarriage” of twins she was carrying. Word is that the babies were actually aborted – and we have PAPERWORK EVIDENCE below!!!

According to our source, when Floyd learned about this – he really TOOK IT HARD. Not only has this emotionally and mentally affected him, this goes against his belief in killing babies. Not one,but two!!

If a woman can lie about what she claimed to be a “miscarriage”, how true could it be that those really were his babies that she was carrying. Makes you wonder what she’s really capable of. . . .