MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: New Report Says That Jay Z And Beyonce’s MARRIAGE IS OVER . . . They Two Are ‘PRETENDING’ To Be A Happy Couple . . . To Sell CONCERT TICKETS!!! (Pics Of Them FIGHTING)

: Well . . . Day THREE of the Solange fiasco is only INTENSIFYING rumors about Jay Z and Beyonce’s marriage being in SHAMBLES. For the first two days – people were wondering WHY DID SOLANGE BLACK OUT on Jay Like that?

Now the questions are turning towards Beyonce – with people asking, WHY DIDN’T SHE DEFEND HER HUSBAND???

Well there’s a new rumor going around – and it goes that Beyonce and Jay Z are in a FAKE MARRIAGE, that the two are ready to END THEIR MARRIAGE. But that the pair is waiting until AFTER THEIR JOINT CONCERT TOUR later in the year to announce their split. They stand to make upwards of $100M from their joint tour.

This ain’t just RANDOM folks whispering this. We heard this from a VERY BIG industry insider.