MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Love And Hip Hop Star NIKKO . . . Is Reportedly MARRIED!!! (Shock Details . . We’re Trying OUR DARNDEST Not To SNITCH))

: just got some STUNNING information. According to a TOP SECRET SNITCH, Nikko and a woman who was ORIGINALLY a citizen of Canada – are MARRIED!!! One of her GFs reached out to us to spill the tea.

You see, Nikko and this young lady ALLEGEDLY had a whirlwind romance, and she was so SWEPT OFF HER FEET the two got married. Of course, the woman was happy to BREAK NIKKO, her new husband, off with some $$$ – sort of as a WEDDING GIFT.

All was well and good until she saw Nikko on TV . . . you see, the young lady is in the process of GETTING HER CITIZENSHIP PAPERS . . . and Nikko being on TV acting like he’s NOT REALLY MARRIED just ain’t a good look for her right about now. She’s hoping that Nikko can TURN DOWN A BIT, until her paperwork goes through.

We’re not gonna say much more cause you know . . . #FEDSiZWATCHIN# . . .