MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Love And Hip Hop Star Erica BRUTALLY BEATEN At Club . . . Receives 100 STITCHES . . . After Attack By Bambi’s CREW!!

: Last night was a BLOODBATH at Atlanta’s hot club TABOO 2 – and it was Love And Hip Hop star ERICA PINKETT who was leaking all over the club LIKE A FAUCET!!

It all started yesterday when Erica was filming a MUSIC VIDEO with Scrappy. Bambi found out about it and after a brief WAR ON TWITTER Bambi basically put some $$ on Erica’s head. Wow times have changed . . . there girls out here greenlighting other chicks?????

Now here is where we’re gonna say a lot of ALLEGEDLIES – cause we ain’t no SNITCHES. So allegedly one of Bambi’s homies who is a member of a group of girls called the “LIPSTICK GANG” ran into Erica last night in the bathroom at Taboo 2. And ALLEGEDLY the girl wanted to get some of that $$ that was on Erica’s head. So ALLEGEDLY she JUMPED Erica and during the fight someone pulled a razor and tried to CUT ERICA’S FACE. And ALLEGEDLY Erica blocked it but not before receiving about A HUNDRED STITCHES to her arm.

According to our insider, the place looked like a HORROR MOVIE.