MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Love And Hip Hop Star Bambi Did NOT Have An ABORTION . . . She Had A MISCARRIAGE . . . And We Got Her MEDICAL RECORDS!!!

: When Bambi turned up PREGNANT BY SCRAPPY on Love and Hip Hop . . . and ain’t never show no STOMACH – people started speculating – did Bambi ABORT SCRPPY’S CHILD. Well according to Bambi’s reps – she didn’t. She had a miscarriage

This is what Banbi’s reps told us:

This was an extremely difficult chapter in Bambi’s life and equally painful to relive. Especially as it unfolds on television screens across America. There was never a thought to abort her unborn child. She and Scrappy were prepared to bring another life into this world. Any other statement is false. She is still coping with the loss of her child and asks for respect as far as the speculation surrounding her pregnancy.

Wow . . . how sad.