MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: LeBron James Gets PUNCHED IN HIS JAW . . . After Yesterday’s NETS GAME . . . And They GOT IT ON CAMERAPHONE!!! (Dang First JAY . . . Now BRON??)

: It was going DOWWWWWN last night in Brooklyn after the Miami Heat-Brooklyn game. According to one of our HOMIES THAT PLAYS ON THE BROOKLYN NETS . . . LeBron James and Paul Pierce got into it in the players tunnel after the game. Our source tells us that Paul started talking SLICK . . . and LEBRON said the wrong thing.

Then . . . BLOOP . . . Paul Pierce allegedly (not trying to get anyone fined) PUNCHED LEBRON RIGHT IN HIS JAW. Let us repeat that . .. BRON GOT SNUCK IN THE FACE!!! This ain’t rumor – it’s FACT!!

According to our insider ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE when LeBron got touched . . . and Bron had to be restrained by up to 10 MEN. We’re told LeBron looked like A CRAZED MAN!!

Anyways here is the BEST PART . . . somebody got it on cell phone footage. We’re in the process of BIDDING FOR THE FOOTAGE right now . . . but TMZ got way deeper pockets than we do. Either way, expect to see it either HERE or THERE before the day is up. If any of y’all wanna give us a couple of dollars . . . . maybe we can BEAT THEM OUT this time. Sheesh, can we get at least ONE of these tapes. #TheirPocketsIsDEEPTho#