MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian Is REPORTEDLY Pregnant . . . And You’ll NEVER GUESS Who The Father Is!!!

: We’ve been wondering why Kim Kardashian was growing recently. Well spoke with a person VERY CLOSE to Kim Kardashian this morning. And according to them, Kim is PREGNANT!!

The insider, who asked to remain nameless told, “Kim has been seeing Kanye [West] off and on for years now. But this summer, they [hooked up] five or six times.” The insider continued, “Kanye told her that he didn’t want anything serious, but Kim really likes him.”

And now, according to the insider, she suspects that Kim Kardashian is PREGNANT. The insider explains, “Kim is being very secretive about everything. She calls [Kanye] almost non-stop and wants to know what she should do.” The insider reportedly OVERHEARD the conversation between Kanye and Kim, with her OWN EARS.

So when can we expect an announcement.’s snitch explained, “Knowing Kim, she’ll coincide it with her show, in one episode her and Kanye go out on a date.”

WOOOOOW . . . Big loss for Yeezy. Big GAIN for Kim K . . .