MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Kim And Kanye Are Getting Married THIS WEEK . . . In LOS ANGELES . . . And WE KNOW WHERE!!! (EXCLUSIVE Details Inside . . . 100% CERTIFIED PROOF Inside)

: told you last week that Kim and Kanye were NOT getting married in France – and that they were getting married in LOS ANGELS instead. And we even told you guys WHERE – the YSIDRO RANCH, just outside of Los Angeles.


Today TMZ just reported that Kim and Kanye are getting married THIS WEEK – which is CONSISTENT with our report. See TMZ’s report, HERE

Now for the PROOF . . . EXCLUSIVELY obtained an image – of Kim – holding up a PAMPHLET, for booking WEDDINGS at the YSIDRO RANCH!! HaHa . . . . we told y’all and y’all ain’t believe us . . . THAT’S ABOUT ALL THE PROOF WE NEED!!!

Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit us for this report, we spent COUNTLESS HOURS researching it and fact checking, and we deserve our credit. If you STEAL THIS REPORT from us you are a THIEF AND A PLAGIARIST – and we will NEVER credit you or your news agency with ANYTHING EVER.