MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: K Michelle Has A NEW LOVE . . . And You Are NOT GONNA BELIEVE . . . Which Reality Star . . . She’s DATING NOW!!! (We Got Pics Of Them KISSING)

: R&B Singer K. Michelle got a new BAE . . . and you won’t believe it. Last night, K Michelle’s new show MY LIFE premiered on VH1, and in it K. was dealing with breaking up with her boyfriend Bobby Maze.

Well we caught up with K Michelle last night at the viewing party of the show . . . and she had a new BAE with her . . . JOSELINE FROM LOVE & HIP HOP. Yes y’all THIS IS CRAZY.

The two ladies kissed and grinded on each other for the entire night. And after the official event was over, we’re told that the couple sped off to Magic City together. And NO Stevie J was NOT there with them.

We’re told that Stevie and Joseline had a FIGHT this weekend, and are NOT on speaking terms. This should make for some very interesting developments in light of their new VH1 reality show Stevie J and Joselyn: go Hollywood, which also premiered last night.