MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: It’s Going DOWN . . . Solange Is Getting LOCKED UP . . . NY Police Are Expected To CHARGE SOLANGE . . . FOR ASSAULTING JIGGA!!! (Today)

: just received word from a NY police officer that the NEW YORK POLICE are set to charge Solange with ASSAULT IN THE 3rd degree (a misdemeanor) for what she did to Jigga. The charges are said to be announced either TODAY (or, because today is the dedication of a 9-11 memorial museum, tomorrow). Expect the announcement of a press conference SOON.

And get this, we’re told that they do NOT need Jay’s cooperation to proceed. Police already have a FULL COPY of the elevator tape from The Standard, and they will be moving forward with charges.

If convicted Solange faces UP TO A YEAR in jail. MAN . . . this story just NEVER dies!!!

This is a EXCLUSIVE . . . 100% FACTS!!!