MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood Exes DRAMA . . . Drea Kelly Just SEPARATES From Her NEW HUSBAND . . . The One She JUST MARRIED . . . After She’s CONFRONTED By His Side Piece!!! (Tea Plus RECEIPTS)

: The new season of HOLLYWOOD EXES just started . . . and this season is gonna BE CRAZY. First off, we can tell you that makes a very big APPEARANCE ON THE SHOW – just like we did on Love And Hip Hop (That’s our second ‘N*gga We Made It’ moment this year).

But more importantly – Drea Kelly – who just announced that she was GETTING MARRIED on the show . . . is getting DIVORCED. This season, Drea’s wedding will play a major part in her storyline. But her marriage, which is just TWO MONTHS OLD – is already OVER. learned that Drea was confronted by “multiple SIDE PIECES” via Twitter when last weeks episode, when her engagement to Brian was announced. The girls had RECEIPTS too . . . including text messages showing that Brian was a LOW DOWN GIGOLO – getting money from women.

Well we’re told that Drea has PUT BRIAN OUT THE HOUSE . . . and has ended their marriage.