MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Guess Who Is Gonna Be The Opening Act For Beyonce And Jay Z’s CONCERT!!! (Hint . . . She’s Gonna Get $8M . . . And Is Now Jigga’s BFF Again)

: just got word, SOLANGE KNOWLES will be the sole opening act for Beyonce and Jay Z’s upcoming WORLD TOUR. According to our snitch, the concert will be a FULL ON SHOW – with a SHORT FILM being played, a FULL BAND, and a DEE JAY. There will also be TONS of celebrity guest appearances.

But aside from Jay and Bey, the ONLY OTHER ACT that will take the stage that night (on their own) will be Solange. We’re told that the decision was made a few days ago, and that Solange is set to make close to $8 MILLION for her services.

How much you wanna bet, we ain’t NEVER GONNA SEE SOLANGE ACT UP AGAIN. She now got 8 MILLION REASONS to love her brother in law. #PayOff#