MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Chris Brown Is Dating Kim Kardashian!!!

: The woman who will do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING for fame, went there. According to a ROCK SOLID insider R&B singer Chris Brown is seeing Kim Kardashian.

Here’s what we know. According to our insider, who is close with Chris Brown, Chris asked Kim’s brother Rob if he would pass his number over to his reality star sister.

The insider explained, “Rob hooked it up. He gave [Chris’] number to Kim and they’ve been texting each other ever since.” And the texts get kind steamy too.’s snitch added, “Kim’s always had a crush on Chris, so she hasn’t been shy in telling him what she wants to do with him.”

JEESH . . . you can just see the PUBLICITY TRAIN coming with this one. was the FIRST news source in the world to print a story linking CHRIS BROWN with Kim Kardashian. Next week, when EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD is talking about it, remember where you saw it FIRST!!!