MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown DONE DID IT NOW . . . His Girlfriend Karrueche Is PREGNANT!!!

: Remember all that talk a few months back about “pregnancy” that Chris Brown was doing on Instagram . . . well it WORKED. A insider confirmed to us that Karrueche is telling those close to her that she is IN FACT PREGNANT. This ain’t rumors y’all – IT’S FACT!!!

The insider explained, “She’s very confused right now, because she loves Chris and Chris wants a baby. But Karrueche wants more than just a child – she wants a real commitment. No more Rihanna jumpoff sessions, no more strippers, just the two of them.”

Don’t get it twisted though. Karrueche is KEEPING THE BABY. The insider explained, “[Karrueche] is preparing her life for the child now.”

CONGRATS Chris and Karrueche . . . we can’t wait until she starts showing!!