MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown And Karrueche SPLIT . . . And You Will NEVER Guess WHY????

: just received EXCLUSIVE NEWS that Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karrueche are officially SPLIT!!! And the details surrounding their split are particularly SCANDALOUS.

We spoke to one of Karrueche’s girls who tell us that since Chris Brown has gotten out of prison he’s been ACTING A FOOL. The insider explained, “You hould have heard the way Chris was talking while he was in jail. He was talking about marriage, about remaining faightful, saying that Karrueche was the only woman he ever wanted.” The insider continued, “He was acting OK for the first few weeks.”

But now that the MEMORY OF PRISON is getting further and further away – the OLD CHRIS BROWN is starting to come out. can report that Chris attended a MALIBU PARTY with Karrueche, at the restaurant NOBU – and he paid her almost NO ATTENTION. One partygoer told, “Chris spent most of his time with his boys, and talking to other women. I was embarrassed for Karrueche.”

But the two of them SPLIT on Saturday – when we’re told that Chris told Kae that he wanted her to HAVE THREESOMES with him and other girls whenever he wanted. Karrueche’s girlfriend told, “That’s just so disrespectful. After the way she held him down, he’s treating her like that . . . f*ck heaux . .. these n*ggas ain’t loyal.”

And for all those that need RECEIPTS for our report – Karrueche has been CRYING ON TWITTER since yesterday – talm’bout how he’ll NEVER FIND SOMEONE LIKE HER. They two are also NOT FOLLOWING EACH OTHER on Twitter or instagram.