MTO SUPER WORLDWIDE CONFIRMED EXCLUSIVE: Sad News . . . Legendary Rapper BIG Pun’s Mother . . . Was Arrested For Bank Robbery In Miami!!! (CONFIRMED)

: just got some very SAD NEWS. The mother of deceased platinum rapper Christopher “Big Pun” Rios was arrested on federal bank robbery charges in Miami last week. 63 year old Gail Simpson attempted to Rob a Wells Fargo Bank by walking in, demanded money from the employees and leaving with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police eventually caught up with her and arrested her. Simpson is currently on probation after she was convicted for attempted robbery this year.

It’s not clear WHY she would resort to bank robbery, but an anonymous source tells us that Ms Simpson has “not been well” since her son passed away.

This is a ORIGINAL REPORT – if you don’t credit us, we will NEVER credit you with any report EVER!!!

EDITOR’S UPDATE – The earlier version of this article made reference to a lawsuit involving Fat Joe. We now know that Fat Joe has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS STORY. Gail and Fat Joe, we’re told, have ALWAYS had a good relationship and she does NOT believe that he owes her ANYTHING.