MTO SUPER WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Rowland GOT MARRIED Yesterday . . . And GUESS Who . . . STOOD HER UP . . . And Didn’t Show Up To The WEDDING!!!

: just got OFFICIAL WORD that yesterday Kelly Rowland and her longtime boyfriend/manager Tim Witherspoon were married at the beautiful Four Seasons in Guanacaste in Costa Rica. Tons of celebrities were on hand to celebrate the occasion, and so was the couple’s family and non-celeb friends.

It was a VERY PRIVATE event, cell phones were TAKEN FROM ALL GUESTS . . . and security was there to stop any non-sanctioned photographs. We do NOT expect that any pics of the event will EVER LEAK.

But that’s NOT THE TEA. CONFIRMED that Beyonce did NOT attend the event. Yes, Beyonce – the girl who GREW UP with Kelly and who ALLEGEDLY shares a father with Kelly . . . did NOT ATTEND her wedding. According to’s insider, everyone was waiting for Beyonce – and when she didn’t show up – they were like WTF!!!

The story gets even MORE JUICY. According to another EXTREMELY RELIABLE insider, Beyonce had CONFIRMED that she was attending, and even went so far as getting a VISA and everything. Then at the LAST MINUTE . . . she changed her mind and didn’t go.

We just lost a WHOLE LOT OF RESPECT for Bey for doing Kelly like that. You know how HURT Kelly probably is that her CLOSE FRIEND didn’t attend her wedding. That’s crazy.

Oh . . . and we KNOW that there will be some Beyonce fans that won’t believe our story – even though it’s FACTS. So we came BEARING RECEIPTS. While we weren;t able to get a pic of Kelly’s wedding yesterday . . . we were able to get a pic of Beyonce in NYC at the Nets game last night. SMH . . .