MTO SUPER WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: It’s Going DOWN . . . Popular TRANSGENDER Claims That She’s SUING Eddie Murphy . .. And She’s Putting ALL EDDIE’S BUSINESS On Twitter!!!

: There’s a VERY POPULAR transgender model named HONEYDIP ASHTON . . . who is a FRIEND TO THE SITE. We can’t co-sign ANYTHING she’s saying . . . but she claims to have RECEIPTS for all this she’s saying . . .

She says that she and Eddie had a “relationship. Honey Dip goes on to describes what she claims is Eddie’s house, his bathrooms, his sleeping habits, and even CLAIMS to describe what his D*CK LOOKS LIKE.


And the girl just leaked CONVERSATIONS that she had with Eddie’s lawyer –

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To listen to the audio PART 2 – where they talk about making a DEAL, click here