MTO SUPER WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: Beyonce Appears At The Game . . . With BRUISES ON HER NECK . . . Like If Someone Was CHOKING HER!! (Chile . . . It’s TOO Much)

: just received some STARTLING IMAGES . . . that on the heels of the VIOLENT OUTBURST between Solange and Jay Z . . . got us wondering WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON IN THE CARTER HOUSEHOLD????

The images were taken at the NETS game on Saturday night . . . and they CLEARLY show that Beyonce had BRUISES AROUND HER NECK . . . consistent with her being recently CHOKED!!! And if you look closely . . . you can see that the bruises are in the shape of FINGER PRINTS on her neck!!

We’re not gonna comment on what WE THINK HAPPENED to Bey. But y’all can pretty much GUESS. . .