MTO SUPER WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Atlanta Housewives SHOCKER . . You Ain’t Gonna Believe Whose HUSBAND . . . Kenya From The Atlanta Housewives Is DATING NOW!!!

: The upcoming season of Atlanta Housewives is going to be OFF THE CHAINNNNNNNNSSSS!!! got some scoop here and it’s gonna blow your mind.

OK here goes. learned that in the upcoming season, Peter Thomas opens up a new “BAR ONE” sports bar in Charlotte, North Carolina. He goes in with a business partner, Porsha’s EX-HUSBAND Kordell Stewart.

Well word on the curb is that Kordell and Kenya Moore hit it off during the launch party . . . and the two are DATING.

Oh sh*t . . . we wonder what Porsha’s gonna say about that one . . . LOL!!