MTO SUPER WORLD EXCLUSIVE: We FINALLY Got Pics Of Kenya Moore . . . And Her AFRICAN BILLIONAIRE PRINCE !! (Oh . . . Did We Mention . . . He’s MARRIED)

: had been hearing ALL KINDS OF RUMORS about Kanye Moore and her “African Billionaire” boyfriend. Last year, we reported that Kenya was RUMORED to have paid an African singer $40K . . . to “pretend” to be her man.

Well, it now appears that she MAY HAVE HAD AN AFRICAN DUDE all along . . . . billionaire OIL MAGNATE Tonye Cole. Tonye is a very WEALTHY Nigerian man, who is also handsome . . . there’s one downside though. Dude is MARRIED WITH THREE KIDS.

And the rumors of Tonye and Kenya are MORE than just rumors. Check out the pic below, of the two of them walking on Harvard’s campus. We also have pics of Toya and his longtime WIFE Sylvia.