MTO SUPER WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna DUMPED Chris Brown . . . And Is Now Dating A NEW RAPPER!! (World Exclusive Details)

: just got OFFICIAL confirmation this morning that Rihanna has a new boyfriend . . and we’re told that the two are “VERY SERIOUS.”

Her new boyfriend is . . .A$AP ROCKY!!! According to a ROCK SOLID MTO INSIDER, A$AP and Rihanna have been on tour together now for about a month – and they’ve FALLEN IN LOVE!!!

The insider told, “This isn’t some fling, they’re in love . . . cuddling, hanging out, everything.” The insider continued, “I’ve never seen Rihanna so happy – even happier than when she was with Chris.”

And you can expect to see PHOTOS of the pair together VERY soon. The insider added, “Rocky was trying to keep things hidden because he wants to make music with Chris [Brown] and we all know that Chris is going to feel some kinda way when he finds out about Rihanna and [A$AP].” But our snitch tells us that now Chris KNOWS what’ going on . . . and so the cat is out of the bag.

This is not rumor y’all . .. it is FACT!!! Any media source that uses our info without giving us credit is committing PLAGIARISM!!