MTO SUPER-WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Atlanta Househusband Apollo Is SNITCHING . . . He’s Bringing Down ATLANTA POLICE . . . That Were INVOLVED IN HIS CRIMINAL SCAM!!! (One Officer Is GOING TO JAIL)

: just got some CRAZY new info surrounding the whole Apollo Nida – Credit Card scam drama. According to a TOP SOURCE, we’re told that Apollo Nida was NOT ALONE in the criminal fraud conspiracy that he plead GUILTY for, two days ago. Our insider told us that members of the Atlanta LAW ENFORCEMENT were also reportedly involved – and the feds needed APOLLO’S HELP to catch them. That’s right – APOLLO WAS SNITCHING ON THE POLICE!!!! learned that at least one PAROLE OFFICER that was working with Apollo upon his release from prison got INVOLVED IN THE SCAM. And we’re told that Apollo SNITCHED ON THE OFFICER to receive a lesser sentence. CONFIRMED this report.

The information, which we received from a COURTHOUSE LEAK of CONFIDENTIAL COURT DOCUMENTS, show that when Apollo learned he was under investigation . . . he SNITCHED. And he knew that bringing down members of LAW ENFORCEMENT would get him a better deal, so he SNITCHED OUT the parole officer.

What’s crazy is . . . HOW THE F*CK does a P.O. get involved in the CRIMINAL SHENANIGANS of someone he’s supposed to be monitoring????? We’re told that the FULL DETAILS of Apollo’s snitching are set to drop in the next couple of days, and that the federal investigation is CRAZY.

According to our insider – it’s some NATIONAL NEWS type ISH. When this is the top story on YAHOO NEWS in a few days, don’t forget who BROKE IT FIRST, the most visited BLACK website in the world

Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit for this report. This report is 100% FACTUAL and is NOT being reported anywhere else . . . if you use any of these FACTS without attribution, you are not only committing PLAGIARISM – you’re STEALING!!!