MTO SUPER LOVE AND HIP HOP EXCLUSIVE: Stevie Is A Battered Man . . . Joseline BEATS HIS AZZ . . . And We Got PROOF!! (Shock Pics Inside)

: just received a new BLOCKBUSTER REPORT . . . according to a TOP SNITCH, Joseline is an MAN BEATER. We’re told that she ROUTINELY domestically batters her husband Stevie J . . . and that he PUTS UP WITH IT. People close to Joseline say that Stevie likely suffers from BATTERED WIFE SYNDROME.

We know what you’re saying . . . you WANT PROOF right??

Well obtained EXCLUSIVE images showing the aftermath of one of Joseline’s DRUG FUELED beatings on Stevie. We’re told that this incident was so SEVERE that Stevie had photos taken and considered working with LAW ENFORCEMENT to have Joseline put in jail. Eventually he decided not to press charges.

And it’s this cycle of ABUSE – followed by Joseline APOLOGIZING – and the couple RECONCILING that has some close to Stevie wondering if he suffers from BATTER WIFE SYNDROME. One of Stevie’s friends told us, “Stevie is a battered [husband], Joseline beats him and he keeps going back. He needs help.”