MTO SUPER-DUPER WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: Remember That LITTLE BOY . . . That Everyone Said Was Jay Zs BREAK BABY . . . Well He Just Moved RIGHT NEXT TO JIGGA!!!

: Jay Z may have a BREAK BABY SITUATION to deal with on his hands. A few years ago, he was CAUGHT UP IN A SCANDAL with one of his ex-side chicks, Shenelle Scott.

You see, Jay Z used to date Shanelle (she was SIDE CHICK while Bey was main chick) – and then she popped up pregnant. She later gave birth to a child that looked A LOT LIKE BEYONCE’S husband. Note – Jay and Bey WERE together at the time of the babys birth but were NOT married. Well the mom picked up and MOVED TO TRINIDAD with the child, where she married another man, and began a new life.

At the time, there was speculation that Jay Z PAID HER $$ to disappear. Jay Z has since DENIED being the child’s father, and denied paying Shenelle anything to disappear.

Well . . . a little birdie told us that Shenelle and her son recently MOVED BACK to the United States. Actually, she moved BACK TO BROOKLYN. We’re also told that one MAJOR PUBLICATION has reached out to her to talk for the FIRST TIME openly about her story.

Jay Z has TWICE denied being the little boy’s father. But we spoke to MULTIPLE music industry insiders – who PERSONALLY know both Jay Z and Shenelle Scott . . . and they have their DOUBTS.

And looking at those two photos below . . . y’all ALREADY KNOW what we think. Anyways, if that child is Jay’s – he really needs to forget about any possible NEGATIVE PRESS AND MAN UP AND BE A FATHER TO THAT BOY.