MTO SHOCKER: Chris Brown’s EX-GIRLFRIEND Karrueche . . . Is Dating FUTURE .. . And BREEZY . . . Is REALLY UPSET ABOUT IT!! (We Got The RECEIPTS Too . . . READ EM . . . And You’ll BE CONVINCED)

: When we all learned that Chris Brown and Karrueche were BREAKING UP . . . very few believed that she might possibly UPGRADE from Breezy. But it looks like she has.

All signs are now pointing to Karrueche Tran dating hip-hop superstar FUTURE. Here are the facts. Last week, Future posted pics of himself on Instagram, wearing Karrueche’s new clothing line. Typically Future is paid THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to wear people’s clothes, but we’re told that he did it for Karrueche . . . FOR FREE.

And there’s more. A few minutes AFTER Future posted those pictures, Chris Brown responded with a post saying “Fuck You,” presumably aimed at his former homie Future. (Future posted his pics on Jan. 12 at 7:12 p.m. PST and Chris responded at 9:30 p.m. PST.)

But there’s more. Two days ago, Karrueche posted a pic of herself LYING IN BED . . . and the word “WICKED” . . . which happens to be one of Futre’s songs (off his mixtape Purple Reign).

That seems like pretty much all the receipts that we need to believe that something is going on between them two. Congrats to Karrueche for landing herself one of the biggest rappers in the game. But we hope she uses BIRTH CONTROL. Cause Future’s fertile as f*ck!!!