MTO SHOCK REPORT: SPLITTSVILLE?? . . . Kim And Kanye Just Put Their Wedding ‘ON PAUSE’ . . . And We Got The TEA Plus RECEIPTS!!

: just got some BLOCKBUSTER NEWS – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have decided to POSTPONE their wedding . . . and as of right now it’s not clear for HOW LONG . . . or whether the couple is event STILL TOGETHER.

Here’s what we KNOW. spoke with a producer over at E! Network who told us that people over at the network are GOING INSANE!!! According to our insider, Kanye and Kim were all SET to get married – in their own show, and have it filmed for May 24th.

But according to our tipster, Kim’s people called E! yesterday and told them that the wedding show is “on hold”. No further information was given. But our insider suspects that Kim and Kanye might have ACTUALLY BROKEN UP.

The insider told, “It was all set, booked and everything. How can you put it on pause like that . . . unless they broke up.”

This is a EXCLUSIVE report!!!