MTO SHOCK EXPLOSIVE REPORT: R&B Singer Trey Songz Is DATING Sevyn Streeter . . . And ALLEGEDLY . . . Trey Just Took Her VIRGINITY!!!

: There’s a new HOT COUPLE in the world of R&B – Sevyn Streeter and Trey Songz. can CONFIRM that these two are dating – not rumor y’all #FACTS#.

And it gets even juicier. According to one of Trey’s friends – they say that he may have TAKEN HER VIRGINITY!!! The insider explained, “Sevyn is a good girl, I don’t think she ever [had sex] before.” The insider added, “But she’s with Trey now, so he’s gonna teach her everything she needs to know.” Sevyn is 27 years old.

Wow Sevyn . . . can’t say we can BLAME YOU THOUGH. Trey of one of those guys that you GOTTA GIVE UP THE DRAWERS TOO!!!

Congrats to the happy couple. Hopefully Sevyn don’t get D*CKMATIZED by him though . . .