MTO SCANDAL WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Kerry Washington And Her Husband Had Their BABY BORN . . . And Namdi Signed The BIRTH CERTIFICATE A WEEK LATER . . . Wanna Know Why????

: received word yesterday that actress Kerry Washington and her husband Nnamdi Asomugha welcomed their daughter Isabelle into the world two weeks ago. But people RAISED AN EYEBROW when they saw that Nanmdi signed the birth certificate MORE THAN A WEEK after the girls birth.

Many people speculated that Nanmdi and Kerry my be separated. Well we spoke to one of Nanmdi’s FAMILY MEMBERS that tell us the REAL reason why it took him so log to sign them papers.

You see according to Nanmdi’s AFRICAN TRIBAL CUSTOM, he’s from the IGBO tribe of Nigeria, a baby is named in an OFFICIAL NAMING CEREMONY on the 8th day after her birth. That’s what happened here . . . so the baby girl got her name on the 8th day . . . and that’s when the paperwork was filed.

As for Kerry and Nanmdi’s marital relationship, Nanmdi’s kin told us that their marriage is doing “better.” As reported earlier in the year – the couple’s marriage was ON THE ROCKS. Hopefully this new baby will help them make things better.