MTO REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA DRAMA!!! Phaedra Reportedly Tries To ATTACK Kenya . . . You Won’t BELIEVE What Kenya Said . . . To Push Phaedra OVER THE EDGE!!!

: just got wind of a CRAZY REPORT – from the filming of this season of the Atlanta Housewives. Right now, Phaedra is dealing with the fact that her HUSBAND IS IN PRISON – and will be there for a LONG TIME. It’s very difficult for her, and most of her castmates have been SUPPORTIVE of what she’s going through.

Not Kenya Moore. According to a TOP BRAVO SNITCH, a group of ladies – including Kenya and Phaedra – filmed a scene where Kenya started GOING IN on Phaedra. The ladies were going back and forth, and Phaedra WARNED Kenya that she should NOT talk about her husband or his situation, because it was TOO MUCH for Phaedra to handle at that moment.

Well we’re told that Kenya made up some LIE – accusing Phaedra of CHEATING ON APOLLO for their entire marriage . . . and when she said that PHAEDRA LOST IT. According to our snitch, Phaedra lunged towards Kenya and was trying to PUT HANDS ON HER. Luckily, Phaedra’s CLOSE HOMIE Kandi was there to hold her back, before she did anything crazy.

We can’t WAIT until the next season of the Housewives.