MTO EXCLUSIVE PICS: We Now Have The FIRST EVER PICS . . . Of Dwyane Wade’s BREAK BABY . . . Plus Pics Of His BREAK BABYS MAMA!!!

: After all the HOOPLAH surrounding the baby’s conception and birth, we finally have pics of ADORABLE little Xavier Wade!

You’ll recall that BROKE THE NEWS last year that Dwyane had his SIDE PIECE pregnant. We told y’all that AFTER confirming DNA, he proposed to Gabrielle in an attempt to “make it up” to her.

Well Gabby and Dwyane are WORKING THROUGH THIS . . . and D Wade – we’re told – is being a GREAT DAD to this young man. And the BREAK BABYS MOTHER got herself a CONDO in Miami and a SPORTS CAR. Glad to see it worked out for everyone.