MTO EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Minaj Is Joining Lady Gaga Tour!!

: was the FIRST news source n the world to tell you about the Rihanna kicking Nicki Minaj off her tour (yeah, it happened – don’t believe the PR spin you hear elsewhere). Now we’ve got some even MORE EXPLOSIVE NEWS . . . Nicki’s joining Lady Gaga’s tour!!!

That’s right y’all. According to’s ULTRA-RELIABLE inside snitch, Gaga’s people learned that Nicki wasn’t touring and quickly snatched her up. And learned that they are finalizing the details now, and that we should expect and announcement VERY SHORTLY!!!

Dang . . . Rihanna ain’t gonna like this news one bit!!

As of this morning, NO OTHER news source in the world is reporting this. Members of the press ARE REQUIRED to credit for this ORIGINAL report. We work EXTREMELY HARD for our exclusive reports, and we DESERVE credit for our hard work.