MTO EXCLUSIVE: Christina Milian’s Best Friend SPEAKS . . . Gives HER SIDE On The Dream Split!!! (Dude Did Chrissy REAL Dirty Y’all)

: received word from one of Christina’s CLOSEST friends. She is FURIOUS with The Dream and what he did to Christina. Here is the report:

I am very close with Christina and she has NEVER removed her ring because she and Dream NEVER broke up..

His announcement was the first time he ever expressed not wanting to spend the rest of his life with her and at this moment she is a distraught mother and wife.. With that kind of shock i dont think she has even considered taking it off yet.. everything happened so fast..

Trust me.. if his words were truth, i would have been the first to throw a party for her leaving his evil ass.. Check all the photos from 2010.. she Never took it off.. meanwhile he sure tried to use her and that baby to promote his failed album cause thats the only thing people cared about… not him.. why would a single man do that?

And all this bull about doing things to protect the baby!!! that baby cant read! But before she knows how to read she WILL be able to understand those nasty disrespectful photos of daddy and what WAS a close family friend and employee.

Christina has real family and friends supporting her because she is 100% real and is an absolute joy to be around.. The Dream is the devil and anyone close to him is payed to be there and he could never get over that.. that was the ONLY problem in their relationship..he is crazy.. He was mentally controlling and abusive.. now that he has recently turned his back on Christina the clouds are clearing and she is no longer in the brainwashed state he had her in.. thank god!

And she had more to say – bear with us, this is long:

He started by trying to control her career .. not allowing her to work with any other producers, meanwhile giving her leftover songs that he had already written and recorded with other artists.. Then he made sure to leak the songs on the internet so there was no chances of her building an album.. all the while badgering her about how much he did for her and how she didnt appreciate him.. forcing her to be subservient and fall deeper into this world full of apologies to a man who can never be satisfied..

It made me sick to be near her on the phone with him.. she apologized for EVERYTHING just to move on from the issue even when she was guilty of nothing.. “im sorry” was way to prevalent in her vocabulary for over 2 years and it became mentally abusive.. he wallows in misery.

He constantly tried to argue with her about her family and to this day blames it on her side.. but Christina moved to Atlanta while everyone was in LA and it became clear that all anyone could do to make her happy at that time was let her go.. and they did.. but he continued to go at her with the same problems while she dedicated this “new life” to him, pushing aside her career and family for him..

He even faked illness to drag her further into this misery.. Christina was forced to play mommy to a newborn and to a full grown man and had no time to attend to herself, forcing her family to make extended visits in order to help her..

The Dream sounds like a VERY evil man. SHAMEFULL!!