MTO EXCLUSIVE!!! For Her BIRTHDAY . . . Jay Z Buys BEYONCE. . . Her Own PRIVATE ISLAND!!! (Details And Pics)

: Some people get JEWELRY for a birthday present. And some people get CLOTHES. But Jigga wanted to take things to a WHOLE ‘NOTHER LEVEL for Beyonce’s 29th birthday yesterday. spoke with a ULTRA RELIABLE insider who told us that Jay Z purchased a $20 MILLION PRIVATE ISLAND in the Florida Keys for Beyonce.

The insider explained, “The island is 12.5 acres and about 2.5 miles offshore . . . it’s a tropical paradise.” The insider continued, “[Jay Z and] Beyonce had been looking at the island in the past, and now [Jay Z] decided to buy it.”

So we guess that means that Bey is now OFFICIALLY THE QUEEN . . . at least of that island . . .

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