More Suspicious Behavior: Rihanna Claims That She TOOK A SHOWER With Her FEMALE Best Friend!!!

: The reverberations from’s Rihanna “intimate hug” photo are still going strong. But if you think that was Rihanna’s one and only intimate encounter with a woman, you’d be wrong. In an interview with a men’s magazine, Rihanna admitted to taking a shower with her best friend Melissa – photo’d below.

Here’s Rihanna describing how she got off the body paint from the video Umbrella:

The body paint was really oily. I couldn’t wait to get it off my face. That was the worst part about it – getting it off. I was in the shower for two and a half hours! My best friend had to come and shower with me, because after I tried to do it myself, the silver would just go back to where I just washed myself. She was just like, “Take your hands off and let me do it.” … It would not come off. [Laughs]”

You know we did find it kind of strange that her best friend was always around. Rihanna’s just an all around freak…