MORE REPORTS: Beyonce THROWS Groupies Out Of Jay Z’s Dressing Room . . . Calls Them ‘COCKROACHES’!!

: Yesterday IN TOUCH reported that Jay Z was caught backstage with a BLONDE groupie. Today Star Magazine is reporting that Bey threw a bunch of GROUPIES out of Jay’s dressing room.

Here is what they say:

According to sources Beyonce recently had a major meltdown during her On the Run tour with hubby Jay Z, 44, over the constant flow of sexy groupies that make their way backstage. “Jay had all these women in his room, and Beyonce ordered everyone out,” says a tour insider, who adds the couple have separate but adjacent dressing rooms.

“She called the women cockroaches and said they need to be fumigated. She gave death stares to every person as they filed out one by one.”