Michael Jackson, Rihanna And Chris Brown All Booed At Awards Show

: UPDATED – VIDEO BELOW. MediaTakeOut.com was in attendance at the World Music Awards yesterday (see photos and video below). Michael Jackson was all set to receive a lifetime achievement award and launch a spectacular comeback. Little did he know that before the night was over – all hell would break loose.

The night started out in typical dull award show fashion. The audience, which seemed to be there specifically to see Jackson, quickly began to lose its patience.

Then, about halfway through the event, Beyonce took the stage. As usual, her performance was magnificent. By far the highlight of the evening.

Next up was a performance by Chris Brown that I think everyone agrees was horrible. The young Brown tried in vein to mimic the dance moves of Michael Jackson. And that wasn\’t the worst part. Brown kept forgetting the words to Thriller. Some fans laughed, some booed, and some stood in amazement – but all were disappointed.

Then, at last, came the moment that everyone had been waiting for. After a short introduction by Beyonce, Michael Jackson took the stage to receive a lifetime achievement award. He told the audience \”I love you. God has answered my prayers … Thriller has become the biggest-selling album of all time, with 140 million sold. I love all the fans from the bottom of my heart. I love England.\” Then without another word Michael Jackson walked off the stage.

But the disappointed fans weren\’t about to let him leave without performing. They started chanting for Jackson to return to the stage and perform.

Unfortunately for crowd, instead of the King Of Pop, R&B singer Rihanna came out to perform. But by this time the crowd was restless. They booed Rihanna so relentlessly, that she became visibly shaken. One concertgoer told MediaTakeOut.com, \”I saw the look on her face, she looked like she was about to cry.\”

Before the fans turned into raving hooligans, Rihanna abruptly ended her performance and was quickly shuffled off the stage.

Then, in what looked like a move to appease the rabid fans, Michael Jackson appeared on stage and began \”singing\” We Are The World. While most fans exploded in applause, others were puzzled by Jackson\’s performance.

The King of Pop was obviously lip-syncing the tune. And on the rare occasions where he would use his voice, it trembled – as if he was frightened. Luckily for Jackson, all the noise (which included some noticeable booes) drowned out most of his singing.

In the end, Michale Jackson fans left the hall disappointed. One fan told MediaTakeOut.com, \”I still love Michael Jackson, but I\’ll never pay for one of his lousy [EXPLETIVE] concerts again.\”