Man KIDNAPS His Girlfriends BABY

: This may quite possibly the MOST DISTURBING thing that has ever reported. Yesterday, a 21 year old man from Tampa, Florida was arrested for MURDERING his girlfriend’s 3 month old baby.

It all started out when the dude, named Richard McTear Jr, began fighting with his estranged girlfriend Jasmine Bedwell. According to Jasmine, Richard beat her and her 3 month old son Emanuel Murray.

During the fight, Richard threw baby Emanuel onto the concrete and picked up his broken little body and drove off in his car – a blue 4-door Chevrolet Impala

Here’s where the story goes from tragic to heinous. learned that shortly after pulling off with baby Emanuel, Richard tossed the child out of the window of the moving car – and onto a busy freeway. Unfortunately for Emanuel, he didn’t survive the incident.

Richard was arrested and charged with CAPITOL murder. If convicted, he faces death.