LUDACRIS MARRIED??? His Baby Mother Photo’d Wearing A WEDDING RING!!!

: One of’s readers caught wind of an interesting piece of news. Apparently Ludacris’ baby’s mother Christine is wearing a wedding ring.

Here;s our reader’s report:

I found these pics of Ludacris and his baby momma Christine White. I noticed in the pic that Christine is sporting a ring on her finger and now I’m wondering if Luda has decided to finally put a ring on it.

It was once rumored that they were married however, no documentation states that they were. These pics was taken over the weekend at the Collective Renaissance Guild event “A night of conversation and cocktails with Wynton Marsalis.”

The Guild was created by Christine and several of her friends. It is an innovate Guild that is working to bridge the gap between the Generation X and it’s pioneers by educating them on art and other cultural things.

Well … the two of them have been off-and-on for a while.

Whaddyu think???

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